‘Midnight, Texas’: In a Show About Outsiders, TV Insider Monica Owusu-Breen Finds a Home

“Midnight, Texas,” is a remote place, a world all its own. Within its borders you can find a witch, an angel, a vampire, an assassin, supernatural beings and humans with powers and pasts – and a handsome psychic new to town.

It’s where outsiders come together to find a home and form a bond against those who would do them harm.

For Monica Owusu-Breen, executive producer and show runner of “Midnight, Texas,” which airs on NBC, that theme feels familiar. “I’ve never walked into a room and felt completely like I fit in,” she told NBC News. “There’s not very many half-Spanish, half Ghanaian women in the world, so I get this idea of feeling different and finding your tribe, finding the people who, whether or not you’re exactly the same, you get one another.”