Kamala Harris and President Biden Haven’t Discussed Re-Election

#KamalaHarris gave a recent interview to the #WallStreetJournal and discussed a number of things from immigration to reelection. Laverne McGee, Sisters Lead Sisters Vote President Holli Holliday and Mary C. Curtis break down some of her responses and more, on #PRIME.

Is Vice President Kamala Harris’ Team on the Outs?

Reports of tension among VP Kamala Harris’ team has many questioning her future and more. To discuss why so much scrutiny is being placed on Harris, Charles M. Blow brought on The Guardian opinion columnist Michael Harriot and #CQRollCall columnist Mary C. Curtis.

POLITICAL WRAP: Biden Address to Joint Session of Congress Happening Wednesday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Nearly 100 days after taking office, President Joe Biden is finally set to give his first formal address to a joint session of Congress.

Wednesday’s speech will give the President an opportunity to make the case for his $2 trillion infrastructure plan and other legislative priorities.

Mary C. Curtis: Biden Hits Road to Promote COVID Relief Plan

CHARLOTTE, NC — This week President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are touring the country to highlight their $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan as $1,400  dollar direct payments begin hitting bank accounts.

Some Republicans approve of parts of the bill that will benefit constituents, though they voted against it because they say it is too big and not targeted enough.

WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis discusses how the bill with benefit small businesses, schools and families.

You can catch Mary C. Curtis on Sunday nights at 6:30 PM on WCCB Charlotte’s CW discussing the biggest issues in local and national politics and also giving us a look at what’s ahead for the week.

You can also check out Mary’s podcast ‘Equal Time.’

Local News Roundup: NC Delegation Reacts To Biden Inauguration; Trump Pardons Hayes; Search For Council Member Mitchell Replacement

Friday, Jan. 22, 2021

On the next Charlotte Talks Local News Roundup …

Former President Donald Trump issued dozens of pardons on his last full day in office Tuesday. North Carolinians were included in that number, like Robin Hayes, the former chair of North Carolina’s Republican Party and former congressman from North Carolina’s 8th District, who pleaded guilty last year to lying to the FBI. Trump also pardoned Waxhaw’s Carl Andrews Boggs and Charlotte’s Patrick Lee Swisher. We’ll discuss.

Last week, we talked about the resignation of longtime City Councilman James “Smuggie” Mitchell, who left his post on council because of a conflict with his new job as a part owner of a Charlotte construction company. This week, City Council began accepting applications to replace the at-large council member. The process is scheduled to be completed Feb. 1 with the announcement of Mitchell’s replacement.

The months-long look into North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr’s insider trading allegations has been dropped by the Department of Justice. Burr has consistently denied the allegations. We’ll catch you up on what’s happened.

As the U.S. surpasses 400,000 deaths to the coronavirus, vaccines in North Carolina are ramping up. Dr. Mandy Cohen, the NC DHHS Secretary, said this week that 450,000 people have been vaccinated in North Carolina so far. What’s ahead on vaccinations in North Carolina and in Mecklenburg County (where this week we had our first pediatric death at the hands of the virus)? We’ll have an update.

Mike Collins and our roundtable of reporters delve into the week’s top news on the Charlotte Talks Local News Roundup.

Steve Harrison, WFAE’s political reporter
Nick Ochsner, WBTV’s executive producer for investigations & chief investigative reporter
Mary C. Curtis, columnist for Rollcall.com, host of the Rollcall podcast “Equal Time” and contributor at WCCB-TV
Claire Donnelly, WFAE health reporter

Inauguration Day And The Days Ahead For Biden, Trump And America

The American tradition of a peaceful transfer of power from president to another will take place after undergoing a violent test of its strength.

The nation’s capital is a fortress after the deadly events of two weeks ago by a crowd that was whipped up by the outgoing President Trump, who – true to form – is breaking with norms and snubbing the incoming President Biden.

Awaiting Biden in the Oval Office are some of the heaviest challenges to face a new president: a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, economic headwinds and balancing unity with the reckoning Trump is bound to face as an ex-president.


Mary C. Curtis, Roll Call columnist and host of the “Equal Time” podcast (@mcurtisnc3)

Michael Kruse, POLITICO, senior staff writer (@michaelkruse)

Mary C. Curtis: Inauguration Day for Joe Biden

CHARLOTTE, NC — Joe Biden swears the oath of office Wednesday to become the 46th president of the United States, taking the helm of a deeply divided nation.

WCCB Political contributor Mary C. Curtis has more on what lies ahead for the Biden administration.


HUR@Home Newsmakers

Previewing Inauguration Day 2021, with host Harold Fisher.

POLITICAL WRAP: Biden Inauguration; Tight Security in Washington

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It’s been 12 years since Joe Biden took the Oath of Office for Vice President of the United States.

Things will look much different on Wednesday as Biden takes the Presidential Oath, amid a pandemic, and security concerns in Washington and across the country.

House Democrats To Move Forward To Impeach President Trump, New Security In Place At Capitol

WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Democrats plan to move forward and introduce Articles of Impeachment for President Donald Trump.

And, security measures around the U.S. Capitol have been increased in the aftermath of Wednesday’s assault by a pro-Trump mob.