NCAA Deadline Looms, Confusion Over HB2 Repeal Efforts

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – Another effort to craft legislation to get rid of North Carolina’s “bathroom’s bill” and halt more economic losses appears gone as Republicans and Democrats point fingers over whether an agreement ever existed. The GOP-controlled legislature and Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper have been trying to find a way to repeal House Bill 2 before the NCAA decides to leave the state out of hosting championship events through 2022. The NCAA had mentioned a deadline this week. House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger said Tuesday evening that they had agreed to a plan from Cooper’s office that would repeal HB2 but include other provisions. Berger said Cooper backed out of that plan. The House Democratic leader said later there had been no formal offer and called the Republican leaders’ news conference a stunt because the GOP lacks the votes to pass a bill.

WCCB Political Contributor, Mary C. Curtis, weighs in.

So What About the I-77 Toll Lanes?

CHARLOTTE, NC —  The battle over the I-77 toll lanes project heads back to court today. A three-judge panel will hear Widen I-77’s appeal against the tolls running on 77 from Charlotte to Lake Norman. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis weighs in.

Pat McCrory’s Next Step. On the Trump Train?

Just days after his concession, weeks after Election Day, in the North Carolina gubernatorial race, Pat McCrory may be preparing for his next act. Rumors say possibilities include McCrory as head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency or a top-level appointment at the Department of Energy or the Department of Transportation. Political contributor, Mary C. Curtis weighs in.

Still No N.C. Governor-Elect as Voting Charges Echo Trump’s Claims

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Nov. 8 was weeks ago, and yet the election’s aftermath continues. On the national stage and in the headlines, the winners, losers and those who barely made a dent are unhappy and are doing something about it, from recounts to tweets to repeating debunked conspiracy theories of hordes of illegal voters.

In North Carolina, folks are saying, “Welcome to the club!”


Local News Roundup: Reaction To Donald Trump’s Election; Other NC Election Results; CMS Magnet Vote

North Carolina voters played a big role in the outcome of the presidential race, but the governor’s race is still too close to call.  Our panel of reporters will look at that, and at some of the other shakeups and outcomes in state-based races.  Also, CMS takes a vote on the magnet school lottery, and the Hornets are off to a flying start.  

The Latest With NC Voter ID Laws and the Upcoming Election

CHARLOTTE, NC — North Carolina’s Voter ID Law is in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, and Mecklenburg County residents are learning they could have less time to cast an early ballot in this year’s election.

WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis is weighing in on these voter issues and what they could mean as the election draws closer.

Lawsuits, Government Overreach, and House Bill 2

CHARLOTTE, NC — The battle is on for LGBT rights, state’s rights, and the overall feeling of government overreach as dueling lawsuits over North Carolina’s House Bill 2 take center stage. WCCB’s Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis weighs in on what many are now calling the next Civil War.

What N.C.’s Pat McCrory Is Ignoring While He Focuses on Bathrooms

CHARLOTTE, N. C. – North Carolina finds itself in the middle of a high-profile, far-reaching culture war battle, and it’s doubtful its leaders saw it coming.

Political opponents up and down the ballot take sides and issue statements, and a governor facing a tough re-election race has seen the nut-and-bolts economic issues he campaigned on as a practical moderate pushed aside as he is defined by a bill that legislates bathroom choice for transgender individuals, takes away the power of cities to enact their own nondiscrimination rules and the right to sue in state court.

The people of North Carolina can only wonder what comes next, as they sees the mantle of the more progressive Carolina usurped by its neighbor to the south, where Republican Gov. Nikki Haley has said her state has no need of its own version of House Bill 2. This despite the fact that three South Carolina cities have anti-discrimination ordinances similar to the one in Charlotte that Republican legislators insist triggered their actions. And by the way, Haley has offered a welcome mat to any business finding the North Carolina climate less than hospitable.

In North Carolina, LGBT Bill Is Political and Personal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It doesn’t take much to re-brand a state. Ask North Carolina.

Here’s the formula: Have the general assembly call a special session to pass a law that revokes an LGBT-anti-discrimination ordinance approved by the state’s largest city — plus throw a few other restrictive goodies into the package. Then wait for the headlines that compare you unfavorably to Georgia, whose governor just vetoed a related “religious freedom” bill. You then become the headquarters for boycotts and petitions on one side and thankful prayers on the other. And, just like that, watch a once touted label as a progressive outpost in the South disappear.

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Cash for teachers? Politics, money and education


CHARLOTTE, NC: Governor Pat McCrory announced an increase in base pay for new teachers. Washington Post columnist and local political writer Mary C. Curtis talks with Terrance Bates about why some are criticizing the Governor’s plan.